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We provide accurate and timely information to help our clients understand what’s going on with their business and arm them with the information they need to make decisions. .



Tax laws are constantly changing – which makes keeping up nearly impossible. Unless it’s all you do. Fortunately, that’s what we do. We help hundreds of businesses and individuals plan and file taxes.


Audit Representation

We’ve represented our clients in well over 100 audits with the IRS, EDD, and FTB making us experts at providing audit representation for individuals, non-profits and for-profits.



Payroll is actually quite complex – knowing you’re compliant is critical. We handle nearly 100 clients’ payrolls monthly from processing to deposit. Our goal with payroll is to save time and money and streamline your processes.

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Back Office Support

Many companies can’t find or develop accounting or finance talent. Others need part-time team members. Either way, Peninsula has you covered with experts who can dedicate exactly the focus you require for your business.


Financial Strategy

Whether you’re raising money, cash-flow planning, creating or changing your P&L or planning an acquisition – we’ve got you covered with a team that’s done it all before. We’ll provide the planning and documents you need to ensure you don’t miss any details.


Filing for over 1,000 clients each year.

We’re experts in tax, accounting, employment law, and sales tax regulations. Be assured you’ll be compliant while minimizing your tax.

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